Craig Caudill


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Author, Extreme Wilderness Survival, Ultimate Wilderness Gear, Essential Wilderness Navigation

Craig Caudill began his outdoor experiences while growing up hunting, fishing, and playing in the woods of Kentucky. For over four decades he has actively pursued experiential knowledge of all things related to awareness, safety and survival in the outdoors.

He has studied and trained in primitive skills, as well as modern methods to successfully challenge himself in the outdoors. This included two 30-day solo trips alone into the wilderness with nothing but a knife. Craig is pleased and honored to have the opportunity to teach a diverse group of students.

In 2006 Craig founded and continues to own and direct Nature Reliance School which teaches outdoor programs including survival, disaster readiness, camping/hiking, man and game tracking, wilderness first aid, land navigation and hunting/fishing programs. Many of these programs are for federal, state and local first responders. Which means Craig gets gear in the hands of decision makers.