Top Shot Dustin


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Dustin is well known for his influence in the firearms industry on YouTubeFacebookInstagram, as well as Shooting Editor for Texas Fish and Game Magazine.  He also runs a Youth Marksmanship Camp program and directs a summer Christian Kids camp - Camp His Way.  

He became well known after winning Top Shot Season 3 on the History Channel:

“Dustin may be the best shooter we ever had.”

 Those words spoken by “Top Shot” host Colby Donaldson echoed the sentiments of scores of viewers as they watched Dustin Ellermann shoot his way to the grand prize of season 3 of History’s top-rated program.

And while his stunning performance at the final challenge stood the shooting world on its ear, it was his character that endeared so many to this 28-year-old from Deep East Texas. He brought no drama; only skill and passion along with a calm, cool demeanor into shooting challenges that rattled the most seasoned competitors.

Before he was the “Top Shot” champion, he was (and remains) the director of Camp His Way a summer Christian kids camp and year round retreat facility. He and his wife have been active in foster care ministry and they now have 5 children of their own (2 adopted).

And his easygoing attitude on shooting is much more impressive when you learn he was 99 percent self-taught.