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Influencer Marketing

Increase your brand awareness with a dedicated social influencer network, the Leviathan Tribe. As the leading influencer marketing and talent agency in the outdoor and tactical industry, we work with the top influencers, administer influencer campaigns and provide analysis for brands and agencies.

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 Reach New Audiences on Social Media.


High Performance Campaigns

Select influencers based on your market strategy to target the right audiences. Your next influencer marketing campaign will be managed by our highly skilled influencer experts.


25+ Million Followers and Growing

Leviathan social media influencers reach over 2.8 billion eyeballs per month in the firearms, outdoor, video game, lifestyle, fitness, equipment, and apparel industries.


Measure Your Marketing

Review campaign rates before you begin and measure post engagement success with your influencers.

Increase Brand Recognition With Leading Social Media Influencers

Leviathan Tribe members are fully-vetted and are considered the top voices in their industry. We provide multiple ways to work with the channel you choose to represent you, your brand, and your product. Choose from fifty plus Leviathan influencers and creators to start your social media campaign.


Content Creators

Many of our Tribe Members are incredible content creators that can produce content for your marketing, website, social media, and public relations. Creators may also produce content that you own the rights to such as photos, videos, and commercials. 


Join the Tribe

The overall objective of the Leviathan Tribe is to grow the client’s brand and ultimately drive sales through dynamic social content or direct influencer feedback. Tribe members must have a strong foundation on social channels and strive to drive sales back to the client with new and returning customers.



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